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Supporting Your Practice From Product Adoption and Integration to Administration

Provider Solutions

Provider Solutions can partner with you to ensure that the patients you think should receive VARUBI are able to receive it.

Provider Solutions team

Your Provider Solutions Team

We are: Academic and community-based pharmacies, nurses, and IT experts

We have EHR expertise in: OncoEMR, Epic, iKnowledge, Cerner, Aria, Mosaiq, QS/1, and Pioneer

We provide: Advice for potential technical, operational, and financial obstacles to integrating our therapies into practice

How We Can Help Your Practice

EHR/Technical Support

Let our experts assist your team in understanding how to:

  • Integrate TESARO products into existing treatment plans in your EHR
  • Build new treatment regimens for VARUBI
  • Find/replace therapies with new products in your EHR
  • Develop Care Plan Build Guides

Operational Expertise

Let our team work with yours to:

  • Develop operational efficiencies with TESARO's products to help minimize medication delivery time
  • Educate practice staff on script routing best practices
  • Provide operation support for both In-Office Dispensing (IOD) and Retail Pharmacy models

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